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Bloomsbury, Long a Favorite London Neighborhood for B & B and Hotel Stays

September 22, 2012

I’ve been to London eight  times, and on every visit I’ve spent at least part of the time in Bloomsbury.  Why?  First of all, the British Museum is right in the center, and the surrounding streets are filled with   very good ethnic restaurants, bed and breakfasts and hotels.  By foot, without stopping at any of the fascinating sites along the way, it’s a half hour walk to most places in Central London.  From one of the Underground stops (British for subway; they literally  come every minute) it’s a short time to get to major sites such as the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace.

On one visit my grown daughter and I stayed at a bed and breakfast on Goodge Street near the Tottenham Court Road Tube.  We had Internet cafes, laundries, groceries, not to mention all the eating places on the streets leading out from the British Museum.  We felt comfortable coming home at night from the theater and getting off at the tube stop.  If I go back and stay at a B and B or small hotel,  I’d now try one of the ones around Bedford Street.

On a recent trip my husband and I got a package at the Edwardian Radisson Bloomsbury, literally one half block from the British Museum.  We were in the city with a list of places we had not been to previously.  For the second half of our week long stay we booked a room near Lambeth Bridge, across from the neighborhood of Westminster at a new hotel which also had a package:  the Park Plaza Riverside.  Though the hotel was top notch, the neighborhood was extremely inconvenient.  The nearest Underground stop was a brisk twenty minute walk away.  The only place to eat was a shopping center   and the one restaurant had a blaring TV and mediocre food.  For the rest of the time we spent the day in central London and took the Tube back after an early dinner.  On our next visit we’ll go back to our favored Bloomsbury, which, by the way,  is not far from Paddington Station and the Heathrow Express.

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