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Daintree Rainforest, North Queensland, Australia

February 26, 2012

Daintree Rainforest,  two hours west of Cairns on the northeast coast of Australia, is a World Heritage Site.   At Daintree Eco Lodge could hear the noises of the frogs jumping about in the pond below, the frequent  calls of birds and the soft  buzz of insects in the trees in our bayan, one of 15 houses built up on stilts.  The Julaymba Restaurant, set over a pond in the center of  the complex, serves excellent Asian/European food.  The owners employ a number of  Kukuyalangi, original people, and, in fact, there is an extensive collection of their   wooden sculpture, paintings, and crafts displayed in the restaurant.  An elder of a local tr

ibe took us on a walk and showed us how tree turkeys built their nests, how the bottoms of certain trees are used for making boomerangs,  how a hidden pond and waterfall in the woods is used for spiritual cleansing for women, how certain colors of paints were extracted from particular rocks. We also took a slow boat cruise along the nearby salt water river and saw many birds, flowers, and a multitude of crocodiles swimming about on the edge.

An ultra relaxing, sublime Nature escape with warm, kind people and elegant food.

Kukuyalangi Art in the Julaymba Restaurant

by Emilie C. Harting

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