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Chaing Mai Temples, Thailand

July 20, 2010

Wat Manowan by Adrian Whelan. “Dress impolite can’t enter this temple,” said a sign at the entrance to Wat Phra That on the top of Doi Suthep, a mountain just 12 miles from Chiang Mai..  Anyone who had bare legs or shoulders was given a sarong.  We got there by taking a songthaew (truck with seats in the back) from White Elephant Gate on the north side of the old city, and then walked 300 steps up to the entrance.  Wat Phra That’s golden chedi is more than 50 feet tall and has a cap of gold and silver ripples. Surrounding it are gold lace umbrellas resembling Tiffany lamps, and smaller temples with pointed roofs, multicolored latticework studded with gold, marble foundations and dragon tails at roof corners. Numerous two- and three-foot Buddhas line
the gold fences.  The compound was filled with Thais who had come to make offerings of flowers, candles and incense to the Buddha.  READ entire Los Angeles Times article on

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